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May. 29th, 2009


Real Women Have... Curves?

Iconic movie title, girl power rallying cry, self affirmation. Real women have curves. Sometimes it seems that every other thing I read with intention of being size-positive uses some version of this phrase. "I love my curves" or "I'm a curvy girl" or "Womanly curves." I did some reading today, and that phrase kept itching at me.

The thing is that I don't really get it. I mean, of course, I get it in a certain sense. In the sense that I understand what it is to be marginalized and stripped of one's own sexuality, and that phrases like those above can really help people reclaim their bodies as sexual, as alive, as good - hell, even as acceptable. But it's a very, very poor choice of words.

Mar. 3rd, 2009


Entre Trois Soeurs

I'm taking a class on the history of animation, and in the wrapping-up of this term, we've gotten around to feminist animation. Now, animation industry stereotypes be damned, women make pretty good animators and storytellers.

Two films, specifically, stick out in my head because of their subject matter. Windy Day (1968) by Faith and John Hubley, and Entre Deux Soeurs (1990) by Caroline Leaf. If you speak French or know your obscure animation, you've got the point already.

I have four sisters. Two of them can hardly read or write yet, and so my relationship with them exists only at the level of playing with barbies (which I LOVE to do, by the way, don't get me wrong!). The other two, however, are in high school, and our relationship is slightly more complex than your average tea party.

[Minus, of course, the tea]Collapse )


On the subject of water.

The state of the world is pretty damned sad. The movie I just saw proves it to me.


A summary: jillions of people are without clean drinking water, and it's getting worse. Not in fifty years, not in twenty years. In places, (such as New Mexico) it's in five, ten years. And there will be no more water.

No. More. Water.

I need to mull this over.


So I decided to start a new journal.

Yes. Yes I did.

It's still got that "new journal smell," too. Unfortunately for me, this journal will probably be like all of my other projects and will drive itself directly into the ground. Ah, well. Best not ruin the fun with pessimism.

Perhaps a bit about myself? I am currently an undergrad in college, working on a degree in Cognitive Science, which I will proceed to use to absolutely no end as I attempt to indulge my loves of candymaking and making money collaboratively, toward a delicious and financially solvent end. I will more likely end up working as a corporate wage slave. Yay, economy. I'm sure my family will be proud of me and the beautiful home I will construct entirely from discarded beer cans and hope.

I have huge amounts of technolust and regular-type lust, and enjoy them both, though the latter is a far cheaper hobby. I am bisexual, and in a committed semi-quasi-sorta-mostly-monogamous relationship with someone who probably will want me to omit his name out of fear of the powers of Google. I am a secular humanist, a gamer, a geek, and a theater nerd.

This is my new musing space, watering hole, soapbox, inner journey and what-have-you.

This has "terrible plan" written all over it.